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Estimate market-driven property values

For any address in Europe


360-degree B2B-services for customers of the mortgage lending industries and insurance companies.

Real Estate

360-degree B2B-services for real estate professionals.

Financial Industry


Valuation via digital platform (property inspections, expert reports, appraisals energy certifications)


Multilevel web-based solutions for financial institutions. Valuations, reports, app for real-time evaluations


Market data, market surveys, research reports, maps, Land register extracts a.s.o.

Real Estate Industry

Software & Database

Web-based and mobile solutions for experts, surveyors, advisory committees and real estate agents

Know-how & Content

Digital & print expertise, web-based library, textbooks, commentaries, reference works, journals

Education & Certification

Nationwide offer with graduated study and qualification concept (online & onsite), expert certification

AI Technology

Artificial Intelligence matched with knowledge of the real estate industry leads to great customer experience supported by numbers, data and facts. SprengnetterAVM.


Make real estate
market transparent

For successful market players

Management Team

Jan Sprengnetter

Managing Director Sprengnetter Group Member of the Executive Leadership Team of Scout24

Andreas Kadler

CEO Real Estate Services and Sprengnetter Property Valuation Finance GmbH

Ralf Weitz

Chief Product & Technology Officer Member of the Management Board and Executive Leadership Team of Scout24